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Anthropology in its Finest

For many years anthropologists have been digging up artifacts, ecofacts, and fossils from the ground.  These findings have given anthropologists a very unique understanding how people from the past had conducted themselves.  What type of food they eat, what type of tools did they use to harvest their food, or hunt with.  These are just some of the questions that go through an anthropologist’s mind when they did up a site.  Now, not only does anthropology have plenty to do with digging up fossils, but there is also another side to the study, called cultural anthropology.  This study focuses on the change in human cultures over a long period of time.  Some examples of what cultural anthropology might consist of would be, their language, diet, music, work habits, how did they construct their homes, and gender roles.  When we take a closer look into anthropology we can see that anthropology is broken up into several sub groups, as the meaning anthropology is a very broad term.  This paper will be focusing more on the relation between social and behavioral sciences of anthropology, and how theories have changed over the past.


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